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Isla Natura since 2010 has worked hard to produce products of premium quality, using in our favor high quality Chilean fruits, free of contaminants, with great health benefits.


We have advanced technology that guarantees a clean and optimal production, we meet the high quality standards, keeping intact the nutrients of all the raw material that we incorporate from the origin to our final purpose: “deliver delicious products that contribute to everyone enjoying a Healthy life".



Chiloé is a jewel enriched and blessed with abundance, it gives us the richness of its ancestral forests and its secrets. We made the decision to stay here, create Isla Natura in the place of origin of the food, for the coherence that it has for us and our company. The unique flavors and the essence of their nutritional powers in our products are maintained and enhanced while promoting the sustainability of your harvest. The fusion of high quality ingredients and advanced technology processes in the place of origin result in exquisite products and high nutritional power.

Take care of what you eat, where it comes from and the path it has taken. 

Isla Natura of Chile

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Chiloé, Chile

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