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Claudia Soto


Prorcess Plant  

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Born and raised in Ancud, Isla de Chiloé. He currently lives in the same city with his partner, he likes to cook, enjoy his family, work the land and live on his beloved Island. He works in Isla Natura about a year ago, gradually entering support in various plant work of process until today. Previously he worked in the fisheries area of ​​supervision and management of refrigerators. She is very satisfied and happy, where she is already what she does.

Eugenia Mahuelquín 

Processing plant

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Born in a beautiful place called Aituy, commune of Queilén,

 I currently live in ancud with my daughter Camila Antonia, I have always had job opportunities outside and inside the city, during this year the possibility arose of working in Isla Natura where I feel very comfortable and happy. 

 I like to spend my free time enjoying my children and family and the beautiful country life where they live. 

 I look forward to continue working, learning and enjoying every day of this experience that Isla Natura has given me.

Víctor González


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Native of Chiloé, diver, artisanal fisherman and farmer. 

Multifaceted in field tasks and lover of life outside, in contact with nature. The right hand of Isla Natura in everything related to the improvement, pruning and care of the field and the care of the fruits. Fundamental piece of the harvest season.

Britt Lewis

Managing Director 

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Founder of Isla Natura, a lover of nature and a student of native flora. During his many walks and visits to the Valdivian forest, he began to investigate the properties of these rich fruits of southern Chile where we are fortunate to live. His passion for conservation and a balanced life lead him to found Isla Natura to be able to share with others those that the forest produces.Creating a company with high quality products and thus collaborating improving the local economy giving added value to local production.

Sandra Echegaray


Product Development

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Food nourishes us and nutrition is a balance of several things, but the main thing is to be aware of what we eat, how we eat and where we eat.

For me the kitchen is the center of the house and eating well the center of my life. Since childhood, experimentation and creativity have been an important part of my walk.

Upon arriving in Chiloé, a curiosity began for its native fruits, what Chilote eats and the daily uses of what the land produces here, I inevitably began to create what I found.

Thus, after twelve years, that experience turns to Isla Natura to become the creation of finished products that we share with those who want to try.

Gary Vasquez

Head of Plant

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Bicycle fan, snorkeling and sport fishing. 

I arrived at Isla Natura - Chiloé in January 2016. I had previously worked at the company and for reasons I had to return to Valdivia, the city where I came from. I feel very happy to reintegrate into the Isla Natura family since it satisfies me as a person to know that I am working in a company that besides worrying about conserving and taking care of the environment, rescues the natural products that nature offers us and that in addition promotes life and healthy eating. 

Chiloé Island fell in love with its landscapes, lifestyle and tranquility that breathes, also here I found love, and my first baby comes to brighten our lives.

The excellent work environment, which is family environment coupled with the wonders of Chiloé, my family and being able to do my favorite sports make my life unique and I enjoy it 100%.

Osvaldo Zamora

Administration and logistics

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Also known as Oz, he is a lover of music, nature and extreme sports.

In the summer of 2000, I visited Chiloé for the first time, being delighted with the wonders of the Archipelago, swearing one day to live in these green hills.

18 years later, he decided with his family to leave the busy life in Santiago and change the buildings, for life on the Pacific coast.

An incessant seeker of new challenges is declared. For Oz, details always make a difference, delivering day-to-day added value within the organization by executing the functions of Administration and Logistics.

Estefania de la Maza


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Industrial Designer, Talquina, lover of nature, yoga and water sports.

Motivated by culture and heritage, she decides to come to live in Chiloé in 2017, in the search to study and learn more about the trades, techniques and mainly the raw materials that derive from them.Thus guiding his mind to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach that enables the transformation of human beings, adapting to new lifestyles, through small actions that allow us to return to our origins through design.  .

Take care of what you eat, where it comes from and the path it has taken. 

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